Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner

The Arabic Rood Recipes Kitchen presents The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner!!!

The cost of the average Thanksgiving dinner is around $45. That’s for ten people, and it includes dessert. But that $45 wouldn’t have gotten you very far at Cafe Gray’s infamous Thanksgiving dinner in 2006. Dinner for 12 at their chef’s table was prix fixe at $10,000. That’s about $833 a head, compared to the average American’s $4.50 a head.

To call this legendary event a “dinner”, however, is somewhat misleading. Thanksgiving Day at Gray’s began with a breakfast of cornflake-crusted french toast, scrambled eggs, brioche, bacon, and a viewing of the famous Macy’s Day Parade on giant plasma screens. I think it’s a little bizarre to watch the parade on TV when you’re actually in New York City and can just step outside and see the whole thing firsthand, but I guess you get a lot more elbow room kicking back at the chef’s table.

Around noon, Chef Gray did a personal turkey-carving demonstration, and then the brasserie bar opened to serve hors d’oeuvres to football fans, who watched NFL games on the bespoke plasma screen TVs. Dinner began with a salad of fennel and blood oranges, drizzled in a poppy seed vinaigrette. Next came truffled butternut potage and lobster and crabmeat gratin, followed by an organic lemon-thyme roasted turkey. Finally, for dessert there was pumpkin custard, key lime pie, and something called “million dollar pie”. I’m not sure what’s in “million dollar pie”, but the name seems a fitting end to a meal that costed over eight bills a head.

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