Top 10 Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

The Arabic Rood Recipes Kitchen presents  the Top 10 Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets.

In case you have a few thousand dollars weighing down your pocket, here are some kitchen gadgets you can spend them on.

Dualit 6 slide toaster

Have a long queue for your toaster in the morning ? Or maybe you like toasts a lot, are you tired of waiting too long in betweens toasts. Anyway, here is a toaster that can cook not 2, but 6 toasts at the same time.
Price - £239 from

Viking EVEWD163SS Plate warming draw

This is a gadget used specifically for warming your plates. The capacity is 57 litres and is 90cm wide.
Price : £1739 from

Sub Zero ICB648PROG Amercian Style Fridge Freezer

This should be the most expensive non-commercial fridge freezer.
Price:  £15199 from


This is a gadget that reduces the pressure inside the cooking pot until its upto 90% of the way to being a vacuum. At this low pressure, food can cook at much lower temperatures and when finally when the release valve is opened, due to the pressure change, the food acts like a sponge to soak up all the liquid surrounding it, along with any flavor sitting at the bottom of the pot. And no oxygen means no oxidation–so instead of turning brown, fruit comes out as brightly colored as it was when first sliced.
Price: $3000

Nespresso Crystal Coffee Machine

Nothing flaunts cash better than this Swarvoski Crystal encrusted coffee machine.
Price : £1995

Mitsubishi IH rice cooker, Wclass NJ-WS10

This is an all black rice cooker made from a solid block of carbon. It also has a heating element in it of course, to do the cooking.
Price : $1000

Sveid titanium corkscrew

This multifunctional corkscrew is made of titanium and a fingertip lever made of 18K gold ( or platinum on request ) . It is made from 52 pieces and has a lead cap cutter too. The presentation box can be customized to your choice of wood and can also have your name engraved on it too.
Price : $71000


Use it to freeze food instantly, forming a crust on the outside but keeping it soft inside. It takes up a huge amount of space and constantly pumps refrigerant through a compressor and under its steel surface to keep it at a -34 C.
Price : $1000

Martini Mixer

The Waring Martini Mixer has only one purpose, and that is to mix drinks. This is essentially an automatic cocktail shaker.
Price: £ 59.95

RT Kitchen Robot

This 155cm tall Home Assistant Robot has a humanoid appearance, 3 fingers on each hand, moves about on two wheels and has several cameras on its head that allow it to recognise objects in front of it. It can grasp soft objects and can reattempt tasks that it has failed to perform correctly. Very suitable for emptying the dishwasher.
Price : Millions

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