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Falafel (Chick-peas Patties) Recipe

Photo: Falafel (Chick-peas Patties) Recipe


1 kg (32 oz) Chick peas(dried)

1 cup roughly chopped fresh parsley

1 cup roughly chopped fresh coriander

3 heads garlic, peeled and crushed

3 large onions, chopped

½ tspn ground cinnamon

½ tspn ground cumin

2 tspn salt

1/2 tspn ground chili

½ tspn ground black pepper

1 tbls plain flour

1 tspn ground dried coriander

½ tspn bicarbonate of soda

3 tspn baking powder

5 cups vegetable oil (for deep frying)


1. Soak beans in water for 24 hours, then drain well.
2. Mix all ingredients except (salt, cumin, cinnamon, paprika, black pepper, chili, bicarbonate, and baking powder).
3. Grind in a food processor.
4. Add to mixture salt, peppers, bicarbonate, baking powder and process another time.
5. Leave mixture aside for 30 minutes then knead.
6. Divide mixture into balls using a special tool for Falafel balls, if this tool is not available, take a spoonful of mixture and make flat balls. Heat oil in deep pan over high heat, then fry till browned.
7. Serve Falafel hot with parsley, tomatoes, fresh mint, spring onions, pickles and sesame paste.

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