Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Aish al saraya cups recipe

Aish al saraya cups
Aish al saraya cups


1 French toast bread (baguette), slice off the crust
2 cups sugar
1 Cup water
Orange color as desired
4 cups milk
1 cup cream
5 tbsp starch
1 tbsp rose water
2 tbsp sugar
1/4 cup syrup
pistachio, pine nuts and lemon blossom


To make the syrup, put the sugar and water in a non-stick pan. Let it boil. Add lemon and the orange color. Let it bubble in the pan to a thickened syrup.

Add bread pieces to the syrup. Cook on a low heat till the syrup is absorbed into the bread.

Remove from heat and let it cool.

Preparing homemade cream:

In a saucepan, heat milk, add starch, cream and sugar. Stir well, let it bubble in the pan to a thickened mixture.

Prepare serving cups, put a layer of cream in each cup, then a layer of toast then another layer of cream. Garnish with pistachio, pine nuts and lemon blossom.

Source: Lebanese Recipes


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