Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dumpling with Cheese and Dates Molasses Recipe

Dumpling with Cheese and Dates Molasses
Dumpling with Cheese and Dates Molasses

Preparation: 45 minutes approximately
Cooking: 25 minutes approximately
Serves: 10

Cuisine: Arabian Gulf

All you need

1 box al alali Dumpling Mix

10 pieces cream cheese squares – cut into small cubes

1 cup dates molasses

Sesame for decoration

Frying Oil


  • Prepare al alali Dumpling Mix according to the instructions mentioned on the box. Add 2 cups warm water, stir constantly (it’s preferred to reduce water from 2 1/2 cups in order to shape the dough easily and add the cheese inside). Cover dough with a cloth. Leave for 45 minutes to ferment
  • Heat frying oil over medium heat
  • Shape the dumpling by using 2 teaspoons, put small part of dough on one spoon, and a piece of cheese on the other, mix both gently to form a ball. Add ball to the hot oil. Repeat this process with remaining dough
  • Fry dumplings for 3 minutes until it becomes golden color, then drain oil
  • Garnish with dates molasses and sesame. Serve and enjoy!
Source: alalali


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