Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Cheese Konafa with Qamar Eddin & Apricot Recipe

Cheese Konafa with Qamar Eddin & Apricot

Prep time 10 MINS
Total time 15 MINS
Servings 10


Cheesecake Blueberry
400 ml cold milk
90g butter
Fried Konafa in butter & sugar
Qamar Eddin juice mixed with condensed milk and apricot slices.


1. Mix the biscuit with butter and press it down in the serving cup with a spoon.

2. Mix the cheesecake pudding on medium speed, then high speed until it becomes thick and creamy. Layer it on top of the biscuits and then a layer of cheesecake and finish off with a layer of Konafa and drizzle with apricot sauce.


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