Frozen mango and lime cheesecake

The Arabic Food Recipes kitchen (The Home of Delicious Arabic Food Recipes) invites you to try Frozen mango and lime cheesecake Recipe. Enjoy Christmas cooking recipes and learn how to make Frozen mango and lime cheesecake . 

Ingredients (serves 8)

250g packet plain sweet biscuits (see note)
60g unsalted butter, melted
2 x 250g packets cream cheese, softened
3/4 cup caster sugar
1 teaspoon finely-grated lime rind
300ml thickened cream
425g can sliced mangoes, drained
3 passionfruit, halved


1. Grease a 6cm-deep, 20cm round springform pan. Line base and side with baking paper. Place biscuits in food processor. Process until finely chopped. Add butter. Process until combined. Press biscuit mixture evenly over base of prepared pan. Place pan in fridge.

2. Using an electric mixer, beat cream cheese until smooth. Add sugar and lime rind. Beat for 2 minutes. Add cream. Beat for 5 minutes or until mixture is thick. Spoon into prepared pan.

3. Place mango in a food processor. Process until smooth. Fold mango through cream cheese mixture to create a marbled effect. Cover with plastic wrap. Place in the freezer overnight or until firm.

4. Remove cheesecake to a plate. Stand at room temperature for 15 minutes. Top with passionfruit pulp. Serve.

You will need half the packet of biscuits for this recipe.

Super Food Ideas - December 2007, Page 90
Recipe by Kim Coverdale

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